Kathlyn Dantes Martinez 


She is born as a cat and raised as a uni-maid (Unicorn and Mermaid)

She has been under the complicated cycle of life.

She is finding her own soul in a place full of lost souls.

She believes in forever, happy endings, destiny and second chances.

She reads a lot.

She composes poems.

She writes randomly.

She is simple.



She has a lot on her mind but she never speaks them out.

She is not good in hiding feelings but pretends to do so.

She can smile through her eyes and people never notice it.

She is good at pretending; when at her worst, she smiles.

When at trials, she stands firm.

When at sadness, she thinks positively.

She hates being attached- emotionally.

She knows she can do something but too lazy to plan it out.

She has trust issues.

She never trusts guys; she trusts herself.

She loves her whole being.

She loves the people that love her.

She has a spirit of enthusiasm but easily get discouraged.

She encourages everyone but none of them finds a way to encourage her.

She wants to get noticed but she doesn’t do anything.

She is not good at Math.

She is still trying to practice how to deliver impromptu speeches.

She sometimes fails other’s expectations.

She doesn’t know when to say NO.

She is afraid to experience too much euphoria.

She sometimes refers herself in somebody’s point of view.

She believes that God exists and that God is planning the best things for her.

She is Kath.

She is a child of God.

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