Terrazas De Flores X #PoetryNightAtTheGarden

“Flowers bring happiness to a soul that seeks for beauty. Poems bring peace to a soul wandering for happiness.”

I was given a chance to witness one of God’s beautiful creations, a botanical garden in partnership with the University of San Carlos and a paradise hidden to the bleakness of the city, located at uphill Malubog, Busay Cebu City, Terrazas De Flores.

With an array of almost 100 different kinds of flowers, a breath of fresh air and a combination of friendly staff, the place is a must see if you plan to delight in the beauty of nature.

From Cebu City, you can ride a jeepney to Lahug, (04C, 04I, 17B), tell the driver to drop you off at JY Square where motorcycle drivers can drive you directly to Terrazas. Motorcycle fee is 100 pesos each, yet they will ask you for an additional 100 pesos if you are the only one going so I suggest tagging along other friends to get some discount.

Before you reach the place, you can absolutely appreciate the cold wind, the silence, and the perfect view of nature.


Terrazas De Flores has an entrance fee of 100 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for children. There is also a parking area inside for those who have cars.


By the way, we arrived at 5 in the afternoon. We were expecting for a clear view of the sunset but due to an unfavorable weather condition, all we saw was clouds, but it was still beautiful.


As soon as we arrived, all the flowers welcomed us as if they were waiting to see us. The place is so beautiful that we had all the time to choose a spot to get a picture perfect scenario.
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset



Located at the upper part of the garden is their café, the place where performed my piece “Juliet Was Never for Romeo” for their first #PoetryNightAtTheGarden.


Because of the overwhelming support of my friends and colleagues, my piece was chosen as “Reader’s Choice”.  (With 900+ likes and reactions and 150+ shares on Facebook)

We ordered clubhouse sandwiches and iced coffees while waiting for the event to start. (Sandwich is 130 pesos and iced coffee is between 130-150 pesos.)

As other people came to join the event, I was screaming internally because THIS IS MY FIRST TIME to do spoken poetry. Although I am always seen in front of a crowd, this experience is something new for me.

I am fond of spoken poetry, when Juan MiguelSevero became viral because of “Ang Huling Tulang Isusulat Ko Para Sa’yo” , I said to myself that I will do the same thing someday. I will perform my piece in front of people whose hearts are with me in loving poetry.

That dream became a reality when I saw myself standing before the microphone, slowly speaking those words that long to be expressed through my mouth.

It was a challenging experience for me because one of the winners was present during in the event was one of the members of a poet society in Cebu. Of course, she has experiences compared to an amateur like me. But because I always believe that comparing yourself to others will only destroy you, I just prayed and enjoyed delivering my piece. In the end, the applause of the people inside the café relieved me.

From longing to visit the place to performing my piece, it was a wonderful experience prepared by God himself; truly He knows how to arrange the desires of your heart in perfect time.

To all the people who supported me, thank you! My poem would have never been awarded as Reader’s Choice without you.

To God who has given me this one of a kind talent, thank you for making me realize that I am blessed.

To Terrazas De Flores, keep on doing events like this and thank you for the opportunity to share my work with others.

For more inquiries, you can also check them out on Facebook. Just click here.

Here’s a video of me performing “Juliet Was Never For Romeo”, enjoy!


Thank you, Ate Gayle and Mam Divine for the company! ♥

Photos: Taken with ASUS, Oppo Mirror 5


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