If you need a good place to relax, find comfort and do soul searching, this place is highly recommended.

I usually go out of town to find a good place to relax, to find comfort and to find myself (as what most people with self-issues do). I also look for affordable ones, ones that you don’t end up starving because of the price and I also look for places where I can carelessly breathe fresh air and listen to those calming waves as music to my ear.
Last January 30, 2017, together with my family and best friend, we got a chance to stay at Policios Waterpark at Sta. Lucia, Asturias Cebu.

And I must say, the place is a MUST see, MUST try and MUST SUGGEST (wow, that was a lot of musts) because of its hidden beauty and calmness. ♥

FProcessed with VSCO with s3 presetrom Cebu South Bus Terminal, we were on a COROMINAS bus bound for Tuburan and got off at STA. LUCIA, ASTURIAS. The travel time is almost 3 hours; however, it depends on how fast the driver operates the bus. In our case, we departed at 7:00 AM, and arrived at 10:00 AM. Please tell the KONDUKTOR that you will get off at SANGI, STA LUCIA, ASTURIAS so that they won’t get confused and might drop you off at SANGI, TOLEDO, which happened to us. Luckily, the motorcycle drivers helped us chase the bus and helped us redeemed ourselves. *THANK GOD* Bus fare is only 90 pesos.
From STA. LUCIA, ride a MOTORCYCLE and tell them you are going to POLICIOS WATERPARK. They will directly drop you off the resort where the owner, Ms. Gladys Labitad will accommodate you immediately. Motorcycle fare is 20 pesos.
When we arrived, she told us to stay at house #3 and when we got to the pool area, Kuya Roel welcomed us. He let us stay first at the open cottages because they will first clean the room.
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Ms. Labitad then approached us and had a quick chat with her regarding the resort. After knowing that we were from Brgy. Bulacao, Cebu (Southside REPRESENT!) which is where she stayed for a couple of years before moving to Talisay then Asturias, she insisted that we will not pay 120 pesos for the entrance fee. Wow! My heart jumped for happiness for the discount! After that, she collected our payment for the room. There are 4 fan rooms overlooking the area which is good for 2-6 people and the other 3 air-conditioned houses are good for 10 people. They also have open cottages if you just plan to have a day use.
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
It is a plus that there were no other people who visited the area making it look like we have reserved the whole place!
From the pool and to the beach, there was only me, my family, my best friend, the caretaker and the owner occupying the whole area!
 Me and my best friend took a quick dip into the ocean to feel the warm breeze of the ocean air, it was indeed quiet; you only hear the waves, you can feel the fresh air and also there were a lot of rocks which can perfect your mermaid poses (which I did). After that, we decide to take our time swimming in their 4-5-6 ft deep pool and decided to stay in our room.
Because my mother is a member of the Girl Scouts, she has prepared foods that will somehow lessen our expenses, by the way, they have NO CORKAGE FEE so you can bring foods and drinks plus they offer to put that in their freezer for FREE.
For the night, we ordered a 1-kilo rice worth 75 pesos and since the rice was too plenty for the four of us, we then told Kuya Roel to fry it in the morning and we ordered BIHON the day after since it is my birthday, and BIHON is said to be “pampahaba ng buhay” (If you’re a Filipino, it is never absent on any occasions especially on birthdays)
We went to sleep at 8 PM since the ambiance calls us to sleep early and even though it is just a fan room, IT WAS VERY ~ COLD. (Emphasizing the VERY, because it was indeed VERY cold) And you need not worry about the security of the place because there are two guards roving at night. *Too bad I didn’t get a shot of the resort at night time*

Overall, the experience of traveling 97.1 KM from the City to Policios is WORTH IT. Aside from the opportunity to feel like a very important person in the resort, that quick break refreshed my heart and my soul. It made me realize the importance of life as God added one more year for me to try again, to get back up and to focus on the things that will make me a better person. (And with that I will try to write a blog post about that ….. later!) *fingers crossed*

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
My model-looking best friend ♥
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Who said parents can’t do selfies? ♥
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
I told you, mermaids do exist and I am one of them 😉

PS. It is my first time to blog about traveling, so pleaseeeeee, bear with my writing. And this is not a paid advertisement; I willingly did this to promote the place. 

PPS. If you have other questions about the place, you can e-mail me. ( Thanks!

*Photos are mine, shot with OPPO Mirror 5, edited via VSCO SE3 Preset/Snapseed*

Kat | xoxo


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