Don’t you just hate it when disappointments, discouragements and sadness came rushing into your life and in a second your positivity cannot handle it anymore that all you can do is sit in the corner, stare at a blank wall and wish that you would just disappear?

And you could not tell anybody, because you used to fool yourself.

And because they don’t care,

they NEVER seem to care.

You are a kind of person that is always happy, jolly, the clown in the crowd and the person who puts on witty and corny jokes.

You are always seen smiling and laughing.

You always thought that it is a humbling experience to see people smile and life.

You appreciate and receive countless thanks and hugs.

You always feel like it’s an overwhelming task.

But at a point, it is also an exhausting one for you.

Because what others don’t know is that deep inside of you,

Behind that smile,

Behind that laughter,

You needed to feel what most of the people feel when you entertain them.

You needed someone to do the same for you.

You needed a genuine kind of happiness.

You needed a laughter that can replace the trails of your sadness.


Because they don’t notice it.

Because they are too busy with their own lives.

Because they also have a life.

They don’t see the battle you are currently fighting.

They don’t know that there’s a war building inside of you.

Because you can put on that mask,

Because you can put on a show.

You can pretend,

You can deceive,

You can easily conceal.

Many people don’t know but you always end up fighting with yourself,

You always fight the demons inside of you;

Not because they don’t deserve to live within you,

but because you might surrender and let them win over you.

And people don’t see it,

People failed to notice it.


That’s all I wanted from you.

I need your help.

photo credit: tumblr 


2 thoughts on “Help

  1. This is by far the best post that I’ve ever read in this blog. No joke. You know why we’re friends, mahal ko. Because we have that monsters inside us. We’re fighting them separately and time will come they’ll win over us. *flips the table* *cries in Spanish* *dances Bailando with Miley Cyrus*

    Liked by 1 person

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