Beautiful Mess

I was used,
I was abused.
I was put into a one of a kind tragedy;
A kind of misery where my own self is killed immensely.

I was betrayed;
As if Judas’ sweet lips kissed me.
And then I was left astray;

I was lost,
I was lost because I was looking for answers,
I was lost because nobody can give them.



I was lost with a cloud of confusion.
I was lost because I have no direction.
I had no choice but to carry them all,
The very reason why I had a bad fall.

I cried,
I stumbled,
I was weak.
I was very weak.
I had no courage to stand.
I was hopeless
I was down.
I was in the process to withraw my crown.

Because I’m tired,
I’m no good.
I’m a big mess.

But the verge of giving up,
Someone came and gave me a soft tap.
I saw an assurance of encouragement;
As I saw Him fight away my disappointments.

He slowly picked me up,
Even picked up the broken pieces of my heart.
He promised me restoration,
A plan that was a perfect revelation.

Now I have never been this happy watching my old self die,
As I was given a new life to live by.
I was given a chance to be better,
Because He knew that life is too short to be bitter.

I cried but now I am happier.
I stumbled but now I got a hand to hold.
I was weak but now I am stronger.
I had no courage to stand but now I believe I can.
I was hopeless but now I am not.
I was once down but He never let me drown.

You see, I’m a woman with a twisted past.
A woman with a life that was in a crash.
I maybe yesterday’s mess,
But thanks to Him I am now His beautiful Miss. 🙂

Thank you Lord! 


photo courtesy of : tumblr & google


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