Anxiety busters


You’re the side-effect of the pill that I take,
Throbbing only to worsen the ache.
You’re a shot of whisky I cannot intake,
A kind of habit I couldn’t just break.

You’re a drug that I take without a prescription,
A hallucination that grabs my attention.
You’re a whispher in the wind that I cannot hear,
The most alluring lie that I cannot even bear.

You’re a pack of cigarette I couldn’t lit,
As if smoking was an easy job to quit.
You’re a ghost inside my memory,
A place where you always haunt me.

You’re a grenade in my hand that I just can’t let go,
Even if I wanted to do so.
You’re a kind of place that I never wanted to go back,
Because getting there was clearly out of my track.

You’re an affliction that slowly kills the insides of me,
Yet nothing has ever stopped you from damaging me.
You’re a caution that I failed to see,
Now all I wanted is to be set free.

You’re the biggest mistake I had encounter,
A memory I never wanted to remember.
A person I wish I had never met;
A person who took away my silhouette.

photo credit: tumblr


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