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“Juliet was never for Romeo”

I was his Juliet.

I was innocent.
I was a woman desperate for love,
I am even compared to a mourning dove.
I did know nothing,
All I know is I love him.
My Romeo,
My sweet Romeo.

In the balcony he would call me,
“Come, see me secretly!”
And there I was following him dumbfoundedly,
As if not being with him can take my life easily.

It was midnight,
He gracefully ran like a knight.
Out of the wilderness he ran,
As if chasing him was some sort of fun.

And then he stopped,
He stopped and turned to me.
I can sense that he is up to something I cannot read;
So I gently pressed on and heed.

He was staring blankly at me,
I could see his eyes were desperately hypnotizing,
And continuously convincing.
Convincing to do something;
Something that we needed to express our love constantly.

Strangely he promised me,
He promised me eternity.
A commitment to love freely,
A commitment to ran away unto the outskirts of town,
A commitment to be in a place where love will never let us down.

He said “I love you“,
I said the same words too.
He gently kissed me,
And I found myself drowned with ecstasy.

I gave in,
I was too drunk to say no.
I took the cup,
Took a sip of it.
Slowly and slowly
I let the poison travelled through the insides of me.

I could remember clearly,
The moon was bloody,
The clouds were heavy,
My vision was now blurry.
It was starting to rain,
And here I was enduring the pain.

I started to fall,
He never cared to pick me up at all.
As my hands reached for him,
I saw him whim.
He said the words “I’m sorry
Ran away and left me.

Then there I was,



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