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Pain, pain go away!

(This was my first feature article that got a perfect grade of 100. *CHEERS*. This is a how-to type of feature and this article talks about how to get over pain. To those people who are in pain, I suggest to take a read at this)

One of the most emotionally painful feelings in the entire world is to feel broken deep within your soul. Maybe you got dumped by your girl or you caught your guy cheating or things between the both of you went wrong. And then you start to fool yourself.You try to feel okay but deep inside you aren’t. You strike a smile but by the end of the day, you cry hard. You convince yourself that you are emotionally healthy but the truth is you’re shattered.

The bottom line of the story results to you receiving the worst heart ache ever.

The world is moving forward and do not let yourself be drowned by the pain. Chin up buttercup, here some of the best ways to cope with pain:

1.      Honesty. Avoid being in denial. It’s okay not to be okay. Do not deny that you are in pain, let yourself accept the hurt and let yourself feel the consequence of love. There’s nothing wrong about being honest about what you feel.

2.     Acceptance. If it’s over, it’s over. Allow yourself to accept that every person in your life has a purpose and that there is a reason why they have to leave you.

3.     People. Spend time with people who never left you. Have a small talk with your parents or your siblings. Call your best buddies.  Surround yourself with positive people. Listen to their sentiments and reflect on it.

4.     Time. Give yourself enough time to heal. As said “There’s always time for everything.” A time to meet someone and a time to break up. Do not rush time or try to turn the clock of time.

5.     Forgiveness. Saying sorry to the people who hurt you is the best way to end a suffering. Letting go of the grudges and hatred can also help you to cope with the pain.

6.      Indulge yourself. Listen to brand new songs, drool over a hot celebrity, shop till you drop, eat to satisfy your taste buds, do an extreme sport, or join an organization.  Learn things that are new to you. Do the things that you had not done before just because your ex finds it boring.

7.     Learn. “Experience is the best teacher” as they said, learn from your mistakes and never try to commit them again.

8.     Prayer. The most important weapon when coping with pain is by talking to the person who will never leave you and will stick with you no matter what. As stated in  Dueteronomy31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will neve rleave you nor forsake you.”

It’s now time to reflect and let go. Pain is just a temporary feeling.

Chin up,carry yourself, project a smile, enjoy life!


I know it contradicts my previous post, but yeah, I posted this to remind myself that everything is going to be okay!

God is with me, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! Yeah!


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